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Guardian Dads & Superhero Mamas—best of Instagram

The world may whirl around them, but dads and moms keep our spirits up! Here are 7 fav social media pix from the last couple of weeks that demonstrate the invincible spirit of dads and moms. #1 MOST UPLIFTING There is good in Baltimore, and this powerful photo posted by Urban Dads show us that. These men show another ...

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DADS ROCK, WORKING MOMS TOO! Fav social media moments of the week

Our finds last week in our hunt for pix & tweets of dads absolutely rocking their roles. As a lucky strike extra, we found some rare sweet pix of working moms too! CUTEST BATH-TIME This self-described “bearded, inked, hairy-chested” dad is not too tough to show his love. “So much love for this tiny ...

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DADS ARE AWESOME! Fav pix and tweets of the week

Dads care, dads love, dads parent. Here are our fav pix and tweets from dads last week that prove just that. MOST KICK-ASS A brave encounter with Lord Vader from Dads with Attitude! __________________________________ MOST UNAPOLOGETIC Adorable pic from Adrian Kulp of Dad or ...


BIG FLIP DADS CAN! Fav pics & tweets of the week

We’re always scouting for pix & tweets from at-home dads that demonstrate at-home dads are awesome carers with their own unique way of parenting. Here’s a spotlight on our top finds last week. MOST TENDER From the eyes of Austin Eich, loving at-home dad to 3 little girls (and Red Sox ...