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We’re eager to share the wonderful stories we’ve captured sooner than later—and you can help us do that.  We’re very close to finishing with a 65-minute fine cut that’s been well-received in test screenings, but we still need a few crucial elements to finish post-production.

Help us finish with a tax-deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor, The San Francisco Film Society. Your contributions will help us with:

  • Music scoring (composition, musicians, recording, etc.)
  • Sound design
  • Professional color correction
  • Final sound mix
  • Motion graphics (infographics, title cards, opening and end credits)



Not only is it a great honor for us to be accepted into the SF Film Society’s Project Development program—it also means, when you fund us through SFFS, your contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.  (In addition, you can rest assured that your investments are wisely and responsibly used under their watchful eye!)

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The generous spirit of individual patrons has been vital to making The Big Flip possible.  We invite you to join this inner circle of extraordinary mentors and angels who spur us forward through their generosity and passion.

$50,000+ Finishing Partner (recognition in opening titles)

$25,000+ Change-Maker (recognition in end titles)

$10,000+ Associate Producer (recognition in end titles)

$5,000+ Advocate (recognition in end titles)



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We invite institutions, organizations and businesses who share our vision and values to invest in our work as a strategic partner.  We want to explore ways to collaborate that will accelerate large-scale organizational and social change—from “first look” pre-release screening privileges to innovation workshops with the filmmakers.  Drop us an email at BigFlipDocumentary@gmail.com to chat more about a strategic partnership.

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