Music Spotlight #2—SENTINEL



A 3-person band out of Oakland, California, with Tarabud on vocals and bass, Dennis Bestafka on guitar, and Bill Mowery on drums.


Indie-Dream-Pop. Here’s a song that was in director Izzy Chan’s last film, Love in San Francisco.

And here’s a more recent tune.


Sling Blade, soundtrack by Daniel Lanois. “It’s moody, intense, innovative and transportive. Daniel Lanois has always been a favorite musician and producer of ours—way ahead of his time.”


Tarabud: Eden’s Island, song: Full Moon. Really enjoy spoken poetry and music mixed together.”

Dennis: The Chameleons. I’m a sucker for all the great ’80s stuff still.”


Their Take on The Big Flip_Sentinel.001


Browse their catalogue on Bandcamp, and stay in touch with them on Facebook.


Sentinel top photo by Arturo Rovo.
Sentinel “looking at each other” photo by Sharon Campbell.
Sentinel home page thumbnail “Impala” photo by Jerrick Mitra.
All Big Flip photos by Paige Green.

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