Music Spotlight headers_Joel.001A band that proudly hails San Francisco as their hometown. With Joel Murach as the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist; Tom Murach on drums and occasional bursts of song; and Colin Peden on bass and vocal harmony.

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The Low Rollers have their own brand of fuzzed-out folk rock. Think garage rock, bar rock, cowpunk… like this!

Or this!

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“When I was in high school, I had a friend who turned me on to Mark Knofler’s soundtrack for Local Hero. I really liked how it blended Scottish music with rock music, and how the music complimented the tone of the film.”

“Here’s the music for the main theme.”

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“I have been reading a Beatles biography (my all time faves), so I have been going back and listening to early Beatles stuff lately. For example, I listened to this.”

“Super low-fi, but interesting listen. Also, I have been re-listening to the classic Rolling Stones albums of the 70s and 80s. I think Emotional Rescue is an underrated gem. For example…”

“I listen to a wide range of music. I just happen to be listening to Beatles/Stones this week, getting back to my roots.”

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Their Take on The Big Flip_JoelMurach.001

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To catch one of their live shows, stay posted through their Facebook page. Or check out their brand new album, LOUDER, on Bandcamp.



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Photo of the band at the Make-Out Room by Alice Shaw.
Photo of the band at the Riptide by John Parsons.
Home page thumbnail of the band at the Noriega Street Fair by Erica Mayer.
Big Flip photos by Paige Green.

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