Music Spotlight #4—LILY TAYLOR

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She is an avant chanteuse who is currently based in Dallas by way of San Francisco, Santa Fe, Denton, Austin, and Boston.

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“Angelic and visceral vocal-driven avant pop” is how indie music magazine Impose describes it. Listen (and see) for yourself in this video collaboration with filmmaker Melissa Cha.

Here Lily collaborates with visual artist Sean Miller.

Check out Lily’s latest album on bandcamp.

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“I love many soundtracks, so choosing one is difficult. I enjoy the synthy sounds of Beyond the Black Rainbow because it invokes a nostalgia for the WGBH TV shows of my youth like Nova, The Bloodhound Gang, and Dr. Who.”

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“Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Def Rain. We are on the same label (Pour le Corps), that’s how I found out about her. I can’t stop listening to this album.”

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Top photo of Lily by Evan Henry.
Second photo and homepage thumbnail of Lily by Andi Harman.
Photos of The Big Flip by Paige Green.

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