At-Home Dads of The Big Flip

This Father’s Day, let us introduce you to the four awesome at-home dads starring in The Big Flip!

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FathersDay2015.001Meet Chip, father of four in Portland, through the eyes of his wife Bonnie:

“Seeing him care for our children, run our household, be the spiritual grounding point for all of us—I’ve never been more in awe of my husband! He’s got the harder job. His job is 24-7, 7 days a week. He’s going all the way till 9:30PM, and then maybe throughout the night if the children pee their beds or have a nightmare. And then he’s back at it at 6AM. My respect has never been more full. I’ve never been more in love with him! Because he is the only reason that I can pursue what I love to do.”

DadsofTheBigFlip.001Chuck lives with his wife, son, and new-born baby girl in Washington D.C. Here’s what his wife Amy tells us about him:

“Everybody loves Chuck! He just knows everybody, everybody knows him, and everyone likes him. He really enjoys being a dad, and brings a lot of joy and dedication and heart to it. You see that in the way that he raises Romare [our son], you see that in the way that he cares for the home. He does everything that he possibly can to be a good father, to contribute to our family. I’m lucky to be a part of a family that he values so deeply. I have the freedom to do what I want to do in the public realm because Chuck is taking care of the many things in our house.”

DadsofTheBigFlip.003Ross is a stay-at-home dad to son Ryder and part-time actor. His wife Julee tells us how Ross won the leading role in her life before they moved to Los Angeles:

“I was at the Nashville Children’s Theatre, directing The Tempest on their main stage. I was with a friend and I stopped, and was—who is that? I didn’t cast him in the show, but he got a bigger part! Ross is infinitely patient, which I think is essential to being home with a toddler. Ryder gets the best of both worlds. He still has a very close connection to me that I think that just exists between moms and sons. Then he has this energy from Ross which makes Ryder fearless.”

DadsofTheBigFlip.002Fred is the father of two in Seattle, and here’s what his wife Robyn tells us about him:

“I feel fortunate that Fred is a man who can stay home with the kids. I know a lot of men who’ve tried it, and it’s just not for them. It’s a hard job for anyone, and I think it is a little bit harder for men than women. And he does a great job at it! He tries really hard, he just loves on those kids so hard, they’re so lucky to have him, and I’m lucky to have him. I often wonder if they would have this incredibly tight relationship if he were working full-time. Moms are moms, and even if we work, we come home, and they’re going to get that nurturing from us. My kids have such a deep, amazing relationship with their dad. And it’s just so wonderful. I’m really grateful for that.”



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