Meet the Women of The Big Flip

What better time than Mother’s Day to introduce to you the four incredible big flip moms starring in our documentary!


Bonnie, PortlandHere’s what Bonnie’s husband, Chip, tells us about Bonnie:

“I remember clearly the first time I saw her—she was giving a presentation. She’s just got this beautiful confidence, and sweetness, and femininity, but strength, and humility. She has an energy that can light up a room, and everybody is inspired and goes, “Yes! Let’s go do it!”

“Watching her with the kids is unbelievable. Work can be crazy, or we can have seven things going on. She can set it all aside and fully take those few moments—it might be just two minutes—playing with them, or asking them a couple of questions, or just goofing around, and be fully, fully there without distraction.

“I want Bonnie to put her profound stamp on the world. She has a lot to give and she’s ready to give it. I want her to have the space to do it, and at the same time, have this grace and joy of this little cluster of a family that we are.”

Julee, L.A.Julee’s husband, Ross, says this about his wife:

“We met at a dress rehearsal for a show at the children’s theater. We started talking, and I kept wanting to hear more from her—it didn’t matter what! The whole time we just kept looking each other in the eyes and talking. Nobody else seemed to really matter or exist.

“I waited a long time to find somebody I thought was worth marrying. I like smart girls and she was one of the smartest ones I’ve ever met. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about her.”

Amy, D.C.This is how Amy’s husband, Chuck, describes their meeting:

“The first time I saw her. She came walking around the corner and she introduced herself. I was just struck by her. Immediately. She is so confident and dedicated to the work that she does. I so admire how gung-ho she is about the things that she does, the passion that she brings. She is awesome. There’s nothing small about the personality and love of this lady. Everything is big. That’s going to be a great foundation for our son to carry throughout his life.

“Ever just sit there and watch your spouse and your child play? It’s pretty remarkable just to watch. It’s like, wow, I love those two people a whole lot.”

Robyn, SeattleRobyn’s husband of 15 years, Fred, has this to say:

“The things that I appreciate about Robyn—just her heart. She’s a great wife. I don’t know how she does it, coming back from work to still be a mom and a wife. That’s a lot! She keeps going and going when I’m like, “Man, that’s good enough.” To know that the kids will pick up on that, and be motivated to succeed and keep striving—I’m glad.

“I appreciate everything that she does while still keeping her cool. She’s been my best bud for a while, and I don’t see that changing, only getting better. Even though life wants to deal us tough blows, we’ll be there to fight through it and keep on trucking.”



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